Our History

Advocating for producers, operators, landowners, etc. since 2014

Our attorneys have years of experience in energy law, petroleum exploration and development contracts, and oil and gas litigation. Oil and gas matters can be complex and no two matters are alike. If you are seeking representation for an oil and gas law matter, it is important to work with attorneys who focus on this specific area of the law. We represent oil and gas producers, operators, landowners, and other parties in a broad range of oil and gas law matters, including oil and gas litigation, contracts, transactions, and regulatory matters.

Advocating for the elderly, children and families since 2006

All families have rights and the laws are in place to keep families safe.  This includes protecting family assets; administering probate, estate, trust, and guardianship proceedings; and providing legal counsel and guidance with safety and security in mind.  With legal counsel and preparation, a family can avoid delays and costs that would otherwise be incurred.


Our Story

Headquartered in the hearts of Oklahoma's energy metropolises of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Needham & Associates represents energy industry clients in all energy matters, including title opinions, litigation, and regulatory matters with the Corporation Commission, BIA, etc.  Whether you are an operator, royalty owner, non-operator, or venture capital firm, we will not only protect what you create, but we'll also help it thrive in the world.  We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our attorneys have been practicing through the oil and natural gas booms and busts.  We implement a technological prowess that allows us to be smarter, faster, and less expensive in this fast-moving industry. The result is an evolving approach to our legal practice in order to give you exceptional advice that will be beneficial throughout the life-cycle of your initial concern.

The foundation of the Needham story is the level of expertise and care towards our estate planning, probate and guardianship practice.  For our attorneys, one of the reasons they chose to be in the legal profession is their compassion for family advocacy.  Whether protecting a family through a guardianship proceeding, representing a family in an estate or trust administration, or forming a clear path for a family estate, our family law practice transcends all external cyclical constraints as our passion for your family transcends all booms and busts. 

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