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Oil and Gas Title Examination

Since the beginning, Needham & Associates has provided title examination services to our clients, allowing them to make a smooth transition from the acquisition phase to the drilling and completion phase.  When drafting drilling title opinions, our main goal is to provide our clients with a thorough but concise understanding of the state of title, so that they may make the best decisions possible prior to drilling a well.  We also pride ourselves on delivering detailed division order title opinions prior to payout, which enable our clients to meet all of their financial obligations to the mineral and working interest owners in a unit.

Needham & Associates also renders limited acquisition title opinions for those clients interested in the state of title for a specific mineral or working interest owner.   These limited opinions are particularly useful for clients with a limited time frame, who are acquiring a specific interest and need to ensure title is clear prior to the expenditure of large funds.  If you need experienced attorneys to render title opinions or perform title examination, please contact us for more information.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

  • Representation

  • Pooling and Spacings

  • Oil and Gas Regulations


We can provide effective and economical representation in Oklahoma to you or your clients for title curative work. Title curative is the process of curing defects in chains of title, such as correcting instruments that are erroneous or ambiguous. Title curative is focused on whether the actual use and possession of the land or minerals under review is consistent with record title. Our approach to title curative is uniquely designed to assess effective solutions to achieve defensible or marketable title. We have worked with operators to update and cure record title based on drilling title opinions. We have also drafted necessary affidavits or deeds, located death certificates, probated surface and mineral interests, and litigated quiet title suits on our clients’ behalf.

Energy Litigation

Our practice includes going before judges, juries, and arbitrators on all essential energy industry related functions including:

  • Land and title related disputes

  • Interest disputes

  • Contract litigation

  • Third party claims

  • Environmental litigation

  • Joint operating agreements

At Needham and Associates, we understand that litigation has high stakes for our clients. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ litigation needs. Moreover, we have tried and appealed cases across Oklahoma, including to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our attorneys are experienced in helping our clients negotiate mergers, acquisitions, and sales of businesses. We analyze and structure complex business transactions to achieve the best results for our clients’ goals. Our practice includes negotiating purchase and sales agreements, confidentiality agreements, business formation, and funding.

due diligence

Needham & Associates has completed several due diligence projects for clients in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.  At Needham & Associates, we facilitate the entire acquisition process, from negotiating the initial purchase and sale agreement to conducting due diligence and closing the deal. In addition, our attorneys have both field and in-house due diligence experience. Our ability to send seasoned attorneys to the courthouse to begin due diligence review gives our clients a jump start on the acquisition process and an advantage over the short deadlines typical of due diligence projects. Needham & Associates takes pride in our ability to identify defensible and marketable title defects and advise clients on the risks associated with those defects.

Furthermore, our attorneys are prepared to counsel clients on the curative remedies available to clear title, so that any title defects may be addressed prior to closing. If you need experienced attorneys to conduct due diligence review, please contact us for more information.

Property Law including:

  • Title Disputes

  • Oil and Gas Lease Negotiations

  • Surface Damages

  • Areas of Mutual Interest

  • Ownership Disputes

  • Royalty Calculations and Disputes


Mineral rights have provided a substantial source of income for many owners in Oklahoma. Oklahoma laws that apply to mineral rights are very complex. You need to hire a firm that specializes in oil and gas law and has extensive experience advising mineral owners on a variety of oil and gas matters. We have experience representing mineral owners in the following oil and gas matters:

  • Oil and gas lease negotiations

  • Oil and gas contracts

  • Making sure that mineral owners get paid from operators

  • Research, draft, and review title reports for mineral owners

  • Oil and gas disputes

  • Royalty litigation

  • Energy litigation

  • Surface damage claims

  • Land reclamation

  • Regulatory and Oklahoma Corporation Commission litigation

Regulatory Solutions

  • Federal, State & BIA Leasing

  • Permitting

  • Environmental Solutions